Saturday, August 4, 2012

Maddigan's Fantasia - Post Three
Today, I ventured a little further through the pages of "Maddigan's Fantasia" and was surprised by what I found. The part I read today described a change in the heroine's emotional state. This event appeared to provoke the occurrence of a spontaneous change in Margaret Mahy's writing style. This change somewhat altered the atmosphere within the book and if I am to be honest, I think it slightly stagnated the flow of the story. It momentarily occurred to me that the new style of writing might develop into one that was less collected and possibly abusive of grammatical rules - I have encountered this in numerous other novels - but as I read on this prospect became relatively unlikely and now I have almost ruled it out completely. The quality of the writing is not poor, but I found it a little repetitive and, if I am to be harsh, a bit inferior. On a more positive note, this has not entirely marred my enjoyment of "Maddigan's Fantasia" and currently bear no intention of concluding my reading experience. I still look forward to reading more.

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