Sunday, September 9, 2012

Maddian's Fantasia - Final Post
I concluded my reading experience of "Maddigan's Fantasia" a little while ago for multiple reasons. Perhaps it was just my reading speed, but the pace of the book appeared to decline quite severely. This could just be a representation of an awful patience span, however I did not think I was enjoying the novel. Now, someone with a longer patience span probably would enjoy the book but I didn't really experience much emotion as the plot seemed to be failing to unfold. On the contrary, I was more than satisfied with the book's language quality and with a faster pace in the plot I'm sure the novel would be fantastic. I am going to recommend "Maddigan's Fantasia," as the complaint about pace I have made was formed from my own perception and the story of Garland and her interesting new-found friends in "Maddigan's Fantasia" may be very appealing to some. I think that anyone from the ages ten and up should at least start the novel. Let me know if you like it!

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