Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Supernaturalist 
Fellow readers, prepare to consider me an outlaw, for I have allowed an obstacle to block the path of my reading this week. :) Yes, I did have a bit more homework than usual over the last week, however I have nearly finished reading "The Supernaturalist." I hope that you will forgive my failure to finish the novel during the week.

I discovered a few things about "The Supernaturalist" when I did sit down to read it - the first being that I was reading a novel that was composed simply of basic features of the English language. The structures of several paragraphs reminded me of a those within my Social Studies book - topic sentence, explanation, example, tie-back sentence. This structure is helpful and enhancing when used in Social Studies paragraphs, however when used in a fictional novel, the plot tends to melt into pure monotony. 

The pace of the novel changes rapidly and often fails to suit the event being described.. I've found that the author tends to dwell on everyday happenings that have a low level of relevance to the plot, yet when key events occur, he simply rushes through them, making them unclear. 

The novel is written from a third person omniscient which I sometimes think is too insightful. If the fact that the book was written from an omniscient was eliminated, the author could have seized the opportunity to exercise the technique "show-not-tell," which I am certain would have made the novel far more exciting and pleasant to read.

Despite all of this seemingly endless pontificating, however, I have heard several praises for other novels by Eoin Colfer and this has encouraged me to continue reading "The Superaturalist." Who knows what the rest may hold?

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